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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pennsylvania Bar Institute, 15 books
Miller, Michael, 12 books
Osama Manzar, 10 books
Charlene Li, 9 books
Carolyn Abram, 8 books
Chris Brogan, 8 books
Marsha Collier, 7 books
Michael Miller, 7 books
Laura Fitton, 7 books
Patrice-Anne Rutledge, 6 books
Jesse Stay, 6 books
David Kirkpatrick, 6 books
Paul McFedries, 5 books
Andrew Keen, 5 books
Geert Lovink, 5 books
Ajith Abraham, 5 books
Brian Solis, 5 books
Emily A. Vander Veer, 5 books
Biz Stone, 4 books
Alafair Burke, 4 books
Ben Mezrich, 4 books
Peggy Kendall, 4 books
Joel Comm, 4 books
Guy Clapperton, 4 books
Tracy L. Tuten, 4 books