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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ivan R. Misner, 7 books
Don Tapscott, 7 books
David Ford, 6 books
Anne Baber, 5 books
James E. Rauch, 4 books
Diane Darling, 4 books
Anthony D. Williams, 4 books
Brad Schepp, 4 books
Ivan Snehota, 4 books
David Ford, 3 books
Martin Perry, 3 books
Joel Elad, 3 books
Håkan Håkansson, 3 books
Adrianus Pieter de Man, 3 books
Victor K. Fung, 3 books
Patrice-Anne Rutledge, 3 books
Guotu Zhuang, 3 books
Tara Hunt, 3 books
Devora Zack, 3 books
Joe Sweeney, 3 books
Japan. Keizai Sangyōshō, 3 books
Wayne Breitbarth, 3 books
Erik Deckers, 3 books
Lars-Erik Gadde, 3 books
Håkan Håkansson, 3 books


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