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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jay Liebowitz, 11 books
Petter Gottschalk, 9 books
Murray E. Jennex, 8 books
Elias G. Carayannis, 7 books
Chris Collison, 5 books
David Rooney, 5 books
Ikujirō Nonaka, 5 books
Kimiz Dalkir, 4 books
Alexander Styhre, 3 books
Amrit Tiwana, 3 books
Charlotte Danielson, 3 books
Sultan Kermally, 3 books
Carla O'Dell, 3 books
Geoff Parcell, 3 books
Mitsuru Kodama, 3 books
Keri Pearlson, 3 books
Gary Hamel, 3 books
David G. Schwartz, 3 books
David Weinberger, 3 books
Peter Busch, 3 books
Chʻan-jung Kim, 3 books
Frank Leistner, 3 books
Leszek Borzemski, 3 books
Mark Easterby-Smith, 3 books
Francisco Javier Carrillo, 3 books


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