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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frances Hesselbein, 22 books
Price Pritchett, 16 books
W. Warner Burke, 15 books
John P. Kotter, 14 books
Thomas J. Peters, 13 books
Richard Beckhard, 13 books
Ronnie Lessem, 12 books
Marshall Goldsmith, 12 books
Thomas G. Cummings, 11 books
Charles Brian Handy, 10 books
Linda Holbeche, 10 books
Michael Hammer, 10 books
Robert E. Quinn, 10 books
David M. Boje, 10 books
Ram Charan, 9 books
Warren G. Bennis, 9 books
H. J. Harrington, 9 books
David L. Cooperrider, 9 books
David Coghlan, 9 books
Debbe Kennedy, 9 books
Christopher G. Worley, 9 books
Chris Argyris, 9 books
Elaine Biech, 8 books
William J. Rothwell, 8 books
Wendell L. French, 8 books


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