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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John P. Kotter, 3 books
Richard Pettinger, 3 books
Rosabeth Moss Kanter, 3 books
David Nadler, 3 books
Art Kleiner, 3 books
John Naisbitt, 3 books
Julia Balogun, 2 books
George P. Huber, 2 books
Michael S. Scott Morton, 2 books
Stephen P. Osborne, 2 books
David Coghlan, 2 books
David Hussey, 2 books
Ronald J. Burke, 2 books
Manuel London, 2 books
Rick Iedema, 2 books
Ralph.D. Stacey, 2 books
Tobin, Daniel R., 2 books
David A. Buchanan, 2 books
Thomas J. Peters, 2 books
Boddy, David., 2 books
Peter Schwartz, 2 books
Michael Tushman, 2 books
Thomas G. Cummings, 2 books
James Champy, 2 books
Cary L. Cooper, 2 books