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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peggy Kenna, 16 books
Price Pritchett, 6 books
Bob Rosner, 6 books
Stephen W. Frey, 5 books
Mats Alvesson, 5 books
Lillian H. Chaney, 5 books
Jeffrey K. Liker, 4 books
Ronnie Lessem, 4 books
Richard M. Burton, 4 books
Jeanette S. Martin, 4 books
Robert Crane, 4 books
Naomi Stanford, 4 books
Andrew D. Brown, 4 books
Jakob Krause-Jensen, 4 books
Peg Neuhauser, 4 books
Neal Chalofsky, 3 books
Fons Trompenaars, 3 books
Paul A. Leppert, 3 books
Schein, Edgar H., 3 books
Adrian Robert Gostick, 3 books
Anne Wilson Schaef, 3 books
Roger Connors, 3 books
Ichak Adizes, 3 books
Carlos G. Rizowy, 3 books
Stephen Frey, 3 books


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