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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pennsylvania Bar Institute, 9 books
Maxime Roussy, 7 books
Jordan Cooke, 7 books
Tris Hussey, 7 books
Melissa J. Morgan, 6 books
Rose Cooper, 6 books
Thord Daniel Hedengren, 6 books
Iain Dale, 5 books
Natalie Standiford, 5 books
Scott McNulty, 5 books
Susan Gunelius, 5 books
Laura Fitton, 5 books
Sherryl Clark, 4 books
B. Akunin, 4 books
Matthew MacDonald, 4 books
Susannah Gardner, 4 books
Brad Williams, 4 books
Janet Majure, 4 books
Paul McFedries, 4 books
Joanne Harris, 4 books
Bud E. Smith, 4 books
George Plumley, 4 books
Rize Shinba, 4 books
Brian Halligan, 4 books
Tessa Blakeley Silver, 4 books