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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bill Bright, 28 books
Global Vision Resources, 15 books
Stephen R. Graves, 6 books
Jack W. Hayford, 5 books
Thomas G. Addington, 5 books
Thomas Addington, 5 books
Ken Abraham, 5 books
N. Anderson, 4 books
Bruce Wilkinson, 4 books
Gary Smalley, 4 books
Harold George Koenig, 4 books
Charles Colson, 4 books
Hazel Woodward, 4 books
Herb Woodward, 4 books
Stephen Graves, 4 books
Jonathan Edwards - undifferentiated, 3 books
Breen, Mike Revd., 3 books
Ruthanne Garlock, 3 books
Allen., 3 books
Quin Sherrer, 3 books
Frank Damazio, 3 books
Beth Moore, 3 books
Steve Halliday, 3 books
Thomas Watson, 3 books
Jeff Stam, 3 books