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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stan Jantz, 8 books
Bruce Bickel, 8 books
Global Vision Resources, 7 books
Adventure Publications, 7 books
John H. Hampsch, 5 books
Leroy Brownlow, 5 books
Taffi L. Dollar, 4 books
Elaine Meyer, 4 books
Sandy Lynam Clough, 4 books
Creflo A., Jr. Dollar, 4 books
Ruth Myers, 4 books
Jean Maalouf, 4 books
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 4 books
Warren Myers, 4 books
Colleen Zuck, 4 books
Pamela McQuade, 3 books
Mary Montgomery, 3 books
Melea J. Brock, 3 books
Dianna Booher, 3 books
Janie Wright, 3 books
Running Press, 3 books
Lisa Beamer, 3 books
Joyce Gill, 3 books
Jim Sheard, 3 books
Tia Sillers, 3 books


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