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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lichen Dun, 4 books
Edgar Sung, 3 books
Windon Chandler Welch, 3 books
Yuezhen Wang, 3 books
Jiang, Yong, 2 books
Pasquale M. d' Elia, 2 books
Yabuuchi, Kiyoshi, 2 books
Iijima, Tadao, 2 books
Pierre Hoang, 2 books
G. M. H. Playfair, 2 books
Jiujin Chen, 2 books
Tai Guo, 2 books
Wenkuan Deng, 2 books
Hanliang Tang, 2 books
Ru Cheng, 2 books
T'iao-yang Lü, 2 books
Juming Li, 2 books
Vincent Koh, 2 books
Anjing Qu, 2 books
Chen, Yuan, 2 books
Rong, Mengyuan., 1 book
Guo, Tingyi, 1 book
Xingyunshanren., 1 book
Hiraoka, Takeo, 1 book
Gao, Mingde., 1 book


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