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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dejan Stojanović, 7 books
David Wallechinsky, 5 books
Maurice Crouzet, 5 books
Gaëtan Picon, 5 books
Hans Kohn, 4 books
Sally Tagholm, 4 books
Karl Popper, 4 books
Richard B. Stolley, 4 books
Nigel Calder, 4 books
Eric Hobsbawm, 4 books
Salem Kirban, 4 books
Aleksandr Oganovich Chubarʹi︠a︡n, 4 books
John Hogue, 4 books
Raymond Williams, 4 books
H. Stuart Hughes, 4 books
Bruce Bernard, 4 books
John Shepherd, 3 books
Albert Robida, 3 books
H. G. Wells, 3 books
Edward Cornish, 3 books
Janet Shepherd, 3 books
Alan Bullock, 3 books
Tong-min An, 3 books
Lowell Lundstrom, 3 books
Ken Follett, 3 books


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