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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sigmund Freud, 32 books
Carl Gustav Jung PORTUGUES, 27 books
Artemidorus Daldianus, 20 books
Gustavus Hindman Miller, 14 books
Kelly Bulkeley, 14 books
Sherrilyn Kenyon, 14 books
J. Allan Hobson, 12 books
David Fontana, 11 books
Calvin S. Hall, 10 books
Robert Moss, 10 books
Montague Ullman, 10 books
Stanley Krippner, 10 books
Ted Dekker, 9 books
Muḥammad ibn Sīrīn, 9 books
Elizabeth Knox, 9 books
Elsie Sechrist, 9 books
Lisa McMann, 9 books
Shin Mashiba, 9 books
Pamela Ball, 9 books
Wilhelm Stekel, 8 books
Ann Faraday, 8 books
Lori Reid, 8 books
Michel Jouvet, 8 books
Arnold Mindell, 8 books
Patricia L. Garfield, 8 books


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