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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Maggie Stiefvater, 10 books
Dennis Rockhill, 6 books
Martin Waddell, 6 books
Maurice Sendak, 6 books
Obert Skye, 4 books
Ann Coburn, 4 books
Gill Harvey, 4 books
Margaret Wise Brown, 4 books
Elizabeth Knox, 4 books
Peter Lancett, 4 books
Caragh M. O'Brien, 3 books
Rob Scotton, 3 books
Lucy Cousins, 3 books
Kerstin Gier, 3 books
Lisa McMann, 3 books
Margret Rey, 3 books
Stephen Cosgrove, 3 books
Jeff Smith, 3 books
Tom Sniegoski, 3 books
Kami Garcia, 3 books
Chris Van Allsburg, 3 books
Mindee Arnett, 3 books
J. R. Johansson, 3 books
Ruby Ann Phillips, 3 books
Wayne Thomas Batson, 3 books