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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ruth Van Deman, 16 books
Ronald R. Watson, 14 books
David Perlmutter, 13 books
"Jian kang da jiang tang" bian wei hui, 9 books
Patrick Holford, 9 books
Jingdan Sun, 8 books
Myron Winick, 8 books
Gary Null, 7 books
Richard J. Wurtman, 6 books
Ning Li, 6 books
G. P. Malakhov, 6 books
Hope Ricciotti, 6 books
Takaho Watayō, 6 books
Michio Kushi, 6 books
Carlton Fredericks, 6 books
Paavo O. Airola, 5 books
Anita Bean, 5 books
David Kritchevsky, 5 books
Bruce Fife, 5 books
Artemis P. Simopoulos, 5 books
David Heber, 5 books
Elizabeth M. Ward, 5 books
Jean Carper, 5 books
Lon D. Lewis, 5 books
Kedar N. Prasad, 5 books


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