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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack Canfield, 17 books
Mark Victor Hansen, 13 books
Danielle Steel, 13 books
United States. Children's Bureau., 11 books
Honor Books, 9 books
Barbour Publishing, 9 books
Germany, 9 books
Andrea O'Reilly, 8 books
Helen Exley, 8 books
Elisa Morgan, 8 books
Anthony Browne, 8 books
Barbara Johnson, 8 books
Amy Newmark, 8 books
United States. Children's Bureau, 8 books
Julie Kenner, 7 books
Jodi Picocell, 7 books
Sheila Kitzinger, 7 books
Susan Polis Schutz, 7 books
Vicki Iovine, 7 books
n/a, 7 books
Mary Engelbreit, 7 books
Ellen Banks Elwell, 7 books
Carol Kuykendall, 7 books
Susan Besze Wallace, 7 books
UNICEF, 7 books