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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Glade B. Curtis, 32 books
Sheila Kitzinger, 23 books
John T. Queenan, 20 books
Heidi Murkoff, 18 books
Miriam Stoppard, 18 books
Judith Schuler, 17 books
Miriam Stoppard, 15 books
Anne Charlish, 13 books
Stoppard, Miriam., 13 books
Kim Lawrence, 12 books
John C. Hobbins, 12 books
Geoffrey Chamberlain, 11 books
Havelock Ellis, 10 books
Jennie Lucas, 10 books
Elizabeth Fenwick, 10 books
Penny Simkin, 10 books
Lucy Monroe, 10 books
Nilsson, Lennart, 9 books
J. Matthews Duncan, 9 books
Arlene Eisenberg, 9 books
Denise Tiran, 9 books
Steven G. Gabbe, 9 books
Jennifer R. Niebyl, 9 books
Lynne Graham, 9 books
Alison Mackonochie, 8 books


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