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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Christine Rimmer, 10 books
Delores Fossen, 8 books
Debbie Macomber, 8 books
United States. Congress. Senate, 8 books
Lynne Graham, 8 books
Maureen Child, 6 books
Allison Leigh, 6 books
Nora Roberts, 6 books
Nicholas Sparks, 6 books
Laurie Cawthon, 6 books
Rebecca Winters, 6 books
Sharon Kendrick, 5 books
Jane MacDougall, 5 books
United States. Congress. House, 5 books
Susan Mallery, 4 books
Marie Ferrarella, 4 books
Lilian Darcy, 4 books
Barbara McMahon, 4 books
Raye Morgan, 4 books
Judy Duarte, 4 books
B. J. Daniels, 4 books
Uzzi Reiss, 4 books
Kim Lawrence, 4 books
Maggie Cox, 4 books
Luanne Rice, 4 books


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