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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gérard Genette, 6 books
Chris Baldick, 6 books
A. V. Ognev, 4 books
Gian Biagio Conte, 4 books
Irene C. Fountas, 4 books
Harold Orel, 4 books
Mutlu Konuk Blasing, 4 books
Aristotle, 4 books
Barbara Kiefer Lewalski, 4 books
Sandra Donovan, 3 books
Frank Lentricchia, 3 books
J. A. Cuddon, 3 books
Bill Cope, 3 books
Sylvan Barnet, 3 books
David Duff, 3 books
John Peck, 3 books
N. D. Tamarchenko, 3 books
Peter Long, 3 books
Tzvetan Todorov, 3 books
Anis S. Bawarshi, 3 books
Anis Bawarshi, 3 books
Milivoj Solar, 3 books
Jean Bessière, 3 books
Barbara Nathan Hardy, 3 books
Wolfgang Victor Ruttkowski, 3 books


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