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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Amy Elisabeth Fuller, 10 books
Syd Field, 10 books
Linda Seger, 9 books
David Trottier, 4 books
Julie Mellors, 4 books
Tom Stempel, 4 books
William Froug, 4 books
Neil Landau, 4 books
Tom Lazarus, 3 books
Richard W. Krevolin, 3 books
Peter Lefcourt, 3 books
Walter, Richard, 3 books
Katherine Atwell Herbert, 3 books
Ken Dancyger, 3 books
William Goldman, 3 books
D. B. Gilles, 3 books
Robert McKee, 3 books
Christopher Keane, 3 books
Skip Press, 3 books
Gabriel García Márquez, 3 books
Kaneto Shindō, 3 books
Jurgen Wolff, 3 books
Richard Meryman, 3 books
Julio Diamante, 3 books
Svetla Khristova, 3 books


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