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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lederer, Richard, 7 books
Jan Miodek, 7 books
Eric Partridge, 6 books
G. Washington Moon, 4 books
Lindley Murray, 4 books
Laurence Urdang, 4 books
Josep Ruaix i Vinyet, 4 books
Mā. Go Vaidya, 4 books
Sŭng-u Mi, 4 books
Herbert, A. P. Sir, 4 books
Lewis, Norman, 3 books
James H. Grew, 3 books
René Georgin, 3 books
Grevisse, Maurice., 3 books
Don LePan, 3 books
Frank Horace Vizetelly, 3 books
Ron Murphy, 3 books
Mignon Fogarty, 3 books
Martin Boyne, 3 books
Henry Strutz, 3 books
Hong Ran, 3 books
Andrzej Markowski, 3 books
Marion Peter Holt, 3 books
Seco, Manuel, 3 books
Te Sima, 3 books


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