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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Safire, 21 books
Robert Hartwell Fiske, 12 books
Bill Bryson, 9 books
H. W. Fowler, 9 books
Yoshiyuki Morita, 9 books
Martin Durrell, 8 books
Martin H. Manser, 8 books
Osamu Mizutani, 8 books
Jan Miodek, 8 books
Finn-Erik Vinje, 8 books
Michael McCarthy, 6 books
Muriel Harris, 6 books
Theodore Menline Bernstein, 6 books
Morton S. Freeman, 6 books
Patricia T. O'Conner, 6 books
Sŭng-uk Chang, 6 books
E. S. C. Weiner, 6 books
Bryan A. Garner, 6 books
Howard, Philip, 6 books
Mark Lester, 5 books
Hulon Willis, 5 books
Eric Partridge, 5 books
Marvin Terban, 5 books
Christine Ammer, 5 books
Ronald Carter, 5 books


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