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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marcia Invernizzi, 16 books
Donald R. Bear, 15 books
Konrad Duden, 14 books
Kristin Johnson, 13 books
Ruth Scott, 13 books
Jacques Peletier, 12 books
Shane Templeton, 12 books
Gerhard Augst, 11 books
Ŭn-jŏng Yi, 10 books
J. Richard Gentry, 10 books
Noah Webster, 10 books
Nina Catach, 10 books
Francine Johnston, 9 books
Real Academia Española, 9 books
William Fordyce Mavor, 9 books
Dieter Nerius, 8 books
James W. Heisig, 8 books
Antonio de Nebrija, 8 books
Hŭi-sŭng Yi, 8 books
Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 8 books
William Kottmeyer, 7 books
Louis Meigret, 7 books
V. V. Lopatin, 7 books
Jo Phenix, 7 books
Sándor Hernádi, 7 books


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