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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Noah Webster, 15 books
Albert Picket, 14 books
Ruth Scott, 13 books
William Kottmeyer, 7 books
William Fordyce Mavor, 7 books
Mackay, David, 6 books
Ernest Horn, 6 books
Colin Cuff, 6 books
Louis A. Leslie, 5 books
Merriam-Webster, 5 books
Lyman Cobb, 4 books
Sterling, Richard, 4 books
Luther F. Cowan, 4 books
Charles Cuff, 4 books
Thomas Carpenter, 4 books
Alexander Davidson, 4 books
J. Richard Gentry, 4 books
Shane Templeton, 4 books
Linda Ward Beech, 4 books
Lindley Murray, 3 books
Edward Hazen, 3 books
Neely, John, 3 books
Alexander H. McGuffey, 3 books
Salem Town, 3 books
Sanders, Charles W., 3 books


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