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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Karl Langosch, 12 books
Flemming, Willi, 10 books
Ernst Cassirer, 10 books
Alexander von Humboldt, 9 books
Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling, 8 books
Cysarz, Herbert, 7 books
Ludwig Tieck, 7 books
Brothers Grimm, 7 books
Stefan Breuer, 7 books
Niklas Holzberg, 7 books
Berthold Gerner, 6 books
Otto Rommel, 6 books
Paul Kluckhohn, 6 books
Unger, Rudolf, 6 books
Günther Binding, 6 books
Dieter Flach, 6 books
Heiner Knell, 6 books
Paul Tiedemann, 6 books
Jakob Seibert, 6 books
Richard Reitzenstein, 5 books
Heinz Horst Schrey, 5 books
Immanuel Kant, 5 books
Eugen Biser, 5 books
Franz Overbeck, 5 books
Cicero, 5 books


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