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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Gustav Freytag, 25 books
Joachim Marquardt, 24 books
Hermann Lotze, 20 books
Theodor Mommsen, 18 books
Max Planck, 15 books
Matthias von Lexer, 15 books
Adolf Tobler, 12 books
Heinrich von Treitschke, 11 books
August Dillmann, 9 books
Rudolf Hirzel, 9 books
Georg Curtius, 9 books
Alfred von Domaszewski, 9 books
Hermann Lotze, 9 books
Werner Spalteholz, 8 books
Karl Hegel, 7 books
Oswald Külpe, 7 books
Peter Andreas Hansen, 7 books
Hans Falkenhagen, 6 books
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 6 books
K. R. Hagenbach, 6 books
Ferdinand Hitzig, 6 books
Carl Stumpf, 6 books
Juvenal, 6 books
Heinrich von Treitschke, 6 books
Georg Wissowa, 6 books

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