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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Asami Collection (University of California, Berkeley), 22 books
Henry Serruys, 7 books
Meng, Sen, 6 books
Wu, Cheng'en, 6 books
In-mo Hong, 6 books
Xie, Guozhen, 4 books
Xu, Xiaotian., 4 books
Guozhen Zhu, 4 books
Shih-shan Henry Tsai, 4 books
Jizuo Zha, 4 books
John W. Dardess, 4 books
Yingde Guo, 4 books
Franke, Wolfgang, 4 books
Guo, Moruo, 3 books
Feng, Menglong, 3 books
Wang, Chunyu, 3 books
Charles O. Hucker, 3 books
Guangtao Li, 3 books
Shuzhi Fan, 3 books
Gang Tang, 3 books
Dongfang Wang, 3 books
Linggui Fang, 3 books
Ming Taizu Emperor of China, 3 books
He Chen, 3 books
Weiye Wu, 3 books


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