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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Homer (poet), 22 books
John Chrysostom Saint, 10 books
Aesop, 6 books
Origen, 5 books
Aristotle, 5 books
Ogden Nash, 4 books
Euripides, 3 books
Alfonso de Zamora, 3 books
Ralph Winterton, 3 books
Theocritus., 3 books
Francis J. Carmody, 2 books
George Buchanan, 2 books
Jebb, Richard Claverhouse Sir, 2 books
Plato, 2 books
Calverley, Charles Stuart, 2 books
Horace, 2 books
Samuel Bishop, 2 books
Cecil Hill Garland, 2 books
Thackeray, Francis St. John, 2 books
Konstantinos Kavafis, 2 books
Miguel Antonio Caro, 2 books
Hesiod, 2 books
Theocritus, 2 books
María Dolores García de Paso Carrasco, 2 books
John Milton, 2 books


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