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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jelena O. Krstovic, 20 books
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, 9 books
Антон Павлович Чехов, 9 books
Saint John Chrysostom, 8 books
Origen, 6 books
Hongzhi Yue, 6 books
Saint Ephraem Syrus, 6 books
Carl Schmidt, 5 books
E. van Raan, 5 books
Όμηρος, 5 books
Ovid, 5 books
Virginia Woolf, 5 books
Augustine of Hippo, 5 books
Sherry Simon, 5 books
Wolfgang Pöckl, 5 books
UNESCO, 5 books
Edward Vaughan Kenealy, 4 books
Macarius the Egyptian, Saint, 4 books
Ezra Pound, 4 books
n/a, 4 books
Pope John Paul II, 4 books
Michelle Woods, 4 books
Tetsuya Itō, 4 books
Claire Lechevalier, 4 books
Jean Calvin, 4 books