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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jelena O. Krstovic, 11 books
Homer (poet), 10 books
A. H. L. Heeren, 7 books
Lillian Feder, 6 books
Maurizio Bettini, 6 books
J. A. K. Thomson, 5 books
Natale Conti, 5 books
Meyer Reinhold, 4 books
Friedrich Leo, 4 books
J. A. Nairn, 4 books
Madvig, J. N., 4 books
Maffeo Pinelli, 4 books
T. P. Wiseman, 4 books
William M. Calder, 4 books
Morris Bishop, 4 books
Beriah Botfield, 3 books
R. V. Gordeziani, 3 books
Joannes Ravisius Textor, 3 books
Marion Mills Miller, 3 books
D. A. Russell, 3 books
Maurice Platnauer, 3 books
Eduard Norden, 3 books
Joseph B. Mayor, 3 books
Wilhelm Engelmann, 3 books
Paul Stapfer, 3 books


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