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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Weijnen, Antonius Angelus, 17 books
H. Coenders, 11 books
Guido Geerts, 10 books
G. de Schutter, 9 books
Jacob Kramers, 8 books
F. Debrabandere, 8 books
Jo Daan, 8 books
Gerdi Quist, 7 books
Ton den Boon, 7 books
Petrus Gijsbertus Jacobus van Sterkenburg, 7 books
Wim Daniëls, 7 books
Hans Bennis, 7 books
Waling Gerrits Dijkstra, 6 books
A. van Loey, 6 books
Jan Stroop, 6 books
H. Entjes, 5 books
Berend van den Berg, 5 books
Anneke Neijt, 5 books
Roland Willemyns, 5 books
F. P. H. Prick van Wely, 5 books
Cor Swanenberg, 5 books
W. Martin, 5 books
William Z. Shetter, 5 books
R. Reinsma, 5 books
S. A. Mironov, 4 books


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