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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gerdi Quist, 27 books
Lesley Gilbert, 19 books
Jacob Kramers, 11 books
Jan Esterhuyse, 10 books
F. P. H. Prick van Wely, 10 books
Tobea Brink, 10 books
Dennis Strik, 9 books
H. Coenders, 9 books
G. Schuurmans Stekhoven, 8 books
Berlitz Publishing Company, 7 books
N. Bakker, 7 books
A. Schlebusch, 7 books
J. Auld, 7 books
G. Hewson, 7 books
Nicholas Murray, 7 books
Waling Gerrits Dijkstra, 6 books
W. Murray, 6 books
Joseph Conrad, 5 books
William Murray, 5 books
R. de Boer, 5 books
BRINK, 5 books
Esterhuyse, 5 books
MML primary english programme, 5 books
Catholic Church, 5 books
Graham P. Oxtoby, 5 books


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