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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ruth Hayhoe, 5 books
Gregor Benton, 4 books
David B. Honey, 3 books
Wolfgang Bartke, 3 books
Christine Mathieu, 3 books
Li Cunxin, 3 books
Yang Erche Namu, 3 books
Andy Ferguson, 3 books
Jung Chang, 3 books
Alexander Pantsov, 2 books
Delia Davin, 2 books
Da Chen, 2 books
Michael Dillon, 2 books
Ilan Alon, 2 books
Robert Bickers, 2 books
Paul Hattaway, 2 books
Rich Ling, 2 books
Rebecca E. Karl, 2 books
KJ DEWOSKIN, 2 books
Ji-li Jiang, 2 books
Jonathan Clements, 2 books
David Strand, 2 books
Whitney Stewart, 2 books
Hao Ping, 2 books
Demi, 2 books


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