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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John King Fairbank, 4 books
Peter C. Perdue, 2 books
Joseph Needham, 2 books
Rana Mitter, 2 books
Paul S. Ropp, 2 books
John Man, 2 books
Kathlyn Gay, 2 books
Tracy Barrett, 2 books
Harold Miles Tanner, 2 books
Wm. Theodore de Bary, 2 books
Denis Twitchett, 2 books
Paul C. Winther, 2 books
Hosea Ballou Morse, 2 books
Sima Qian, 2 books
Edward Friedman, 2 books
Denis Crispin Twitchett, 2 books
Nicholas Tapp, 1 book
John Lagerwey, 1 book
Priscilla Ching Chung, 1 book
Wu, Jiang., 1 book
Barbara Mittler, 1 book
Haiming Liu, 1 book
Victor Cunrui Xiong, 1 book
Peter Allan Lorge, 1 book
Weili Ye, 1 book


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