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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bruce Gilley, 3 books
Michael Dillon, 2 books
Yanrui Wu, 2 books
Edward Friedman, 2 books
Loren Brandt, 1 book
Azizur Rahman Khan, 1 book
John L. Graham, 1 book
Tung X. Bui, 1 book
Eva Paus, 1 book
Robert Marks, 1 book
William C. Kirby, 1 book
Jon W. Western, 1 book
Peter Ho, 1 book
Sandy Thompson, 1 book
Shi Cheng, 1 book
Paul Sau-Leung Yip, 1 book
Jianfa Shen, 1 book
Ken Morita, 1 book
Hugo de Burgh, 1 book
Zhang, Yong, 1 book
Jing, Su., 1 book
Ross Garnaut, 1 book
Anne E. McLaren, 1 book
C. Y. Cyrus Chu, 1 book
Nicholas R. Lardy, 1 book


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