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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rongxing Guo, 9 books
Ian Jeffries, 6 books
Shujie Yao, 6 books
Angang Hu, 5 books
Yanrui Wu, 5 books
Peter Nolan, 5 books
Albert Feuerwerker, 5 books
Nicholas R. Lardy, 4 books
Bin Wu, 4 books
Ning Wang, 4 books
Carl Riskin, 4 books
Victor D. Lippit, 3 books
William C. Kirby, 3 books
Fang Cai, 3 books
Das, Dilip K., 3 books
Wang, Wei, 3 books
Gang Deng, 3 books
Jonathan Fenby, 3 books
Michael Dillon, 3 books
Ilan Alon, 3 books
Robert Taylor, 3 books
Chris Rowley, 3 books
Jun Li, 3 books
LiAnne Yu, 3 books
Mu Yang, 3 books


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