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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
No name, 6 books
James Sargant Storer, 5 books
No name, 5 books
Henri Frankfort, 3 books
Curt Sachs, 3 books
Charles Black, 3 books
Granville Stanley Hall, 3 books
John Greig, 3 books
Stockton Axson , 3 books
Oliver Samuel Tonks, 3 books
A. H. M. Jones, 2 books
Baikie, James, 2 books
Titus Livius, 2 books
Katherine E. Reece, 2 books
George A. Barton, 2 books
D. C. A. Shotter, 2 books
Jean Andreau, 2 books
William James Hughan, 2 books
Antony Kamm, 2 books
Francesco Bianchini, 2 books
Jérôme France, 2 books
John Murray (Firm ), 2 books
Kenyon Cox , 2 books
J Greig, 2 books
Charles Henry Stanley Davis, 2 books


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