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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge, 11 books
Grant, Michael, 5 books
D. C. A. Shotter, 5 books
Rodney Castleden, 5 books
James Sargant Storer, 5 books
No name, 5 books
Antony Kamm, 4 books
Graham Anderson, 4 books
Henri Frankfort, 3 books
Samuel N. C. Lieu, 3 books
Paul Cartledge, 3 books
Ian Hodder, 3 books
Barbara Levick, 3 books
Roger S. Bagnall, 3 books
Curt Sachs, 3 books
Michael Rice, 3 books
Bradley, Richard, 3 books
Graham Webster, 3 books
Stephen Shennan, 3 books
Hyun Jin Kim, 3 books
Charles Black, 3 books
Granville Stanley Hall, 3 books
John Greig, 3 books
Stockton Axson , 3 books
Oliver Samuel Tonks, 3 books