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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brian M. Fagan, 32 books
Ian Hodder, 27 books
Colin Renfrew, 22 books
Glyn Edmund Daniel, 21 books
Charles Nicolas Normand, 19 books
Paul G. Bahn, 19 books
V. Gordon Childe, 18 books
Clive Gamble, 17 books
Tadashi Saitō, 17 books
Max Ebert, 16 books
C. W. Ceram, 16 books
Julie Murray, 15 books
Michael B. Schiffer, 12 books
R. Lee Lyman, 12 books
Julian Thomas, 12 books
Grahame Clark, 11 books
Thomas J. Westropp, 11 books
J. Rendel Harris, 10 books
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Formozov, 10 books
Kenneth L. Feder, 10 books
William A. Haviland, 10 books
T. Douglas Price, 10 books
J. L. Bintliff, 10 books
Leonard Cottrell, 10 books
Harold Peake, 9 books


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