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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gaius Julius Caesar, 52 books
John Maddox Roberts, 15 books
Julius Caesar, 15 books
Titus Livius, 14 books
Sallust, 14 books
Steven Saylor, 10 books
Harris, Robert, 8 books
Pierre Grimal, 7 books
Napoléon III, 7 books
Colleen McCullough, 7 books
James Anthony Froude, 6 books
Ben Kane, 6 books
Charles Merivale, 5 books
Matthias Gelzer, 5 books
W. G. Hardy, 5 books
Plutarch, 5 books
Luca Canali, 5 books
Jérome Carcopino, 5 books
Stanley Arthur Cook, 4 books
Don Nardo, 4 books
Karl Christ, 4 books
Yann Le Bohec, 4 books
Thomas May, 4 books
Arnold, Thomas, 4 books
Giuseppe Antonelli, 4 books