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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George Bernard Shaw, 5 books
Daniel, Samuel, 4 books
Oskar von Wertheimer, 3 books
Kristiana Gregory, 3 books
Carolyn Meyer, 3 books
Steven Saylor, 3 books
Susan Walker, 3 books
Irène Frain, 3 books
Thomas May, 3 books
Aḥmad Shawqī, 3 books
Claude Ferval, 3 books
William Shakespeare, 3 books
John Dryden, 2 books
Emil Ludwig, 2 books
Lindsay, Jack, 2 books
Hans Volkmann, 2 books
Karen Essex, 2 books
Sally-Ann Ashton, 2 books
Maffio Maffii, 2 books
Makhali-Phāl., 2 books
Arthur Edward Pearse Brome Weigall, 2 books
Diane Stanley, 2 books
Colleen McCullough, 2 books
Gaston Delayen, 2 books
Henry Houssaye, 2 books