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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Danielle Simard, 21 books
Alain M. Bergeron, 20 books
Simon Scarrow, 18 books
Laurent Chabin, 16 books
Barry W. Cunliffe, 15 books
Martine Latulippe, 14 books
Christiane Duchesne, 13 books
Rosemary Rowe, 13 books
Bonnie Bryant, 13 books
Daisy Meadows, 12 books
Henriette Major, 12 books
Graham Webster, 12 books
Marie-Andrée Mativat, 11 books
Gilles Tibo, 11 books
Josée Ouimet, 11 books
Camille Bouchard, 11 books
Wolfgang Czysz, 10 books
E. L. James, 10 books
M. G. Fulford, 10 books
Guy de la Bédoyère, 10 books
Javier Arce, 10 books
Mireille Villeneuve, 9 books
Matthieu Simard, 9 books
Robin Birley, 9 books
Erwin M. Ruprechtsberger, 9 books


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