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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Plutarch, 67 books
Rosemary Rowe, 13 books
Barry W. Cunliffe, 13 books
Ovid, 12 books
Alexandre Dumas, 11 books
Siegmar von Schnurbein, 7 books
Simon Scarrow, 7 books
J. S. Wacher, 7 books
Graham Webster, 7 books
William Shakespeare, 7 books
Javier Arce, 7 books
Chevallier, Raymond, 6 books
Erwin M. Ruprechtsberger, 6 books
Reinhold Wedenig, 6 books
Richardson, John, 6 books
Werner Jobst, 6 books
Renate Pirling, 6 books
Louis Maurin, 6 books
Emilio Marin, 6 books
Carmen Fernández Ochoa, 6 books
Gernot Piccottini, 6 books
Dieter Planck, 6 books
Lindsay Allason-Jones, 6 books
Josep Maria Nolla, 6 books
Alberto Balil, 5 books


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