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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Barry W. Cunliffe, 20 books
Guy de la Bédoyère, 13 books
Erwin M. Ruprechtsberger, 12 books
Filippo Coarelli, 12 books
Tilmann Bechert, 12 books
Lorenzo Quilici, 12 books
Mario Luni, 11 books
Brian Philp, 11 books
Maurizio Buora, 10 books
Rainer Wiegels, 10 books
Wolfgang Czysz, 10 books
Alain Bouet, 10 books
Stefania Quilici Gigli, 10 books
J. S. Wacher, 10 books
Keith Branigan, 10 books
Christian Goudineau, 10 books
Gernot Piccottini, 10 books
M. G. Fulford, 10 books
Antonio García y Bellido, 10 books
Robin Birley, 9 books
Alix Barbet, 9 books
Martin Henig, 9 books
Trinidad Nogales Basarrate, 9 books
Andrea Carandini, 9 books
Martin Kemkes, 9 books