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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Carol Cuellar, 38 books
Alfred Publishing, 37 books
Tony Esposito, 34 books
John Brimhall, 29 books
Dan Coates, 24 books
Aaron Stang, 20 books
Robert Schultz, 15 books
Ludwig van Beethoven, 14 books
John W. Schaum, 14 books
George Gershwin, 14 books
Richard Bradley, 11 books
John Williams, 10 books
Warner Brothers, 10 books
David Carr Glover, 10 books
Johann Sebastian Bach, 10 books
Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, 9 books
Stephen Sondheim, 8 books
Tom Roed, 8 books
Jo Novark, 8 books
Warner Bros, 7 books
Franz Liszt, 7 books
Franz Schubert, 7 books
Cole Porter, 7 books
Robert Schumann, 6 books
Dale Tucker, 6 books

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