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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tennessee Williams, 31 books
David Mamet, 16 books
Arthur Miller, 15 books
Neil LaBute, 13 books
Eugene O'Neill, 11 books
Edward Albee, 8 books
August Wilson, 7 books
Donald Margulies, 5 books
David Henry Hwang, 5 books
Christopher Durang, 5 books
Wallace Shawn, 5 books
John Guare, 5 books
Jon Robin Baitz, 5 books
Lanford Wilson, 5 books
Richard Nelson, 5 books
Arthur Miller, 5 books
Christopher Shinn, 4 books
Horton Foote, 4 books
Gertrude Stein, 4 books
Stephen Sondheim, 4 books
Patrick Marber, 4 books
Craig Lucas, 4 books
Adam Rapp, 4 books
Sam Shepard, 4 books
Thornton Wilder, 4 books


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