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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Various, 18 books
Nicolas Slonimsky, 13 books
H. C. Robbins Landon, 10 books
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 10 books
Richard Kostelanetz, 8 books
John Rocco, 6 books
Ronald Zalkind, 5 books
Frederick M. Noad, 5 books
Leslie Gourse, 5 books
Prokofiev Sergei, 5 books
Clinton Heylin, 5 books
Robert Stephan Hines, 4 books
Terry Burrows, 4 books
Theodore Baker, 4 books
Allen R. Trubitt, 4 books
Grainger Percy, 4 books
Joan Peyser, 4 books
Johann Sebastian Bach, 4 books
Carl Woideck, 4 books
Derek Watson, 4 books
Franz Joseph Haydn, 4 books
Jeff Todd Titon, 4 books
Gary E. Wittlich, 3 books
Ian Crofton, 3 books
James Galway, 3 books


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