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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Lambacher-Schweizer, 108 books
Werner Beile, 51 books
Alice Beile-Bowes, 43 books
Horst Bartnitzky, 27 books
Hans-Dieter Bunk, 24 books
William Shakespeare, 24 books
Joaquin Masoliver, 23 books
Peter Lampater, 21 books
August Schmid, 20 books
Achim Olpp, 20 books
Rainer Maroska, 20 books
Michael Geiger, 19 books
Rosemary Hellyer-Jones, 19 books
Alfred Göller, 19 books
Helmut Reisener, 19 books
Gerhard Fuchs, 17 books
Egbert Brodengeier, 17 books
Wolfgang Spengler, 17 books
Linda Gallasch, 16 books
Michel Boiron, 15 books
Martine Delaud, 15 books
Ekkehard Jander, 15 books
Wilfried Schlake, 15 books
Ingrid Preedy, 15 books
Joachim Becherer, 15 books


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