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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sun, Yat-sen, 5 books
Edwin John Dingle, 4 books
Feng, Tianyu, 3 books
Fernand Farjenel, 3 books
Huaimin Rao, 3 books
Zhiyu Wang, 3 books
Yi Mei, 3 books
Martin, Bernard, 2 books
Li, Shiyue., 2 books
Cao, Yabo., 2 books
He, Juefei., 2 books
Michael Gasster, 2 books
Shu Li, 2 books
Xulu Chen, 2 books
Jiang Sun, 2 books
Lihua Chen, 2 books
Lao Gao, 2 books
Yü-chang Wu, 2 books
Pʻeng-yüan Chang, 2 books
Xue'an Wang, 2 books
Yufa Zhang, 2 books
Yuzhang Wu, 2 books
Zhongxiu Gu, 2 books
Wangling Liu, 2 books
Lai To Lee, 2 books


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