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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elias Wessén, 12 books
Ulf Teleman, 11 books
Gust Johansson, 7 books
Sture Allén, 7 books
Vincent Petti, 7 books
Margareta Westman, 6 books
Karl Hampus Dahlstedt, 6 books
Björn Collinder, 5 books
Nils Gösta Bergman, 5 books
Ulla-Britt Kotsinas, 5 books
Adolf Gotthard Noreen, 5 books
Eva Gomer, 5 books
Nils Jörgensen, 5 books
Bengt Pamp, 5 books
O. R. Reuter, 4 books
Natanael Beckman, 4 books
Birger Stolpe, 4 books
Envall, Petrus, 4 books
Bertil Molde, 4 books
Walter Gilbert Johnson, 4 books
Lars Jakob Levander, 4 books
Bengt Loman, 4 books
Walter E. Harlock, 4 books
O. Edmund Wenström, 4 books
Henri Fort, 4 books


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