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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Various, 8 books
Katherine A. Applegate, 8 books
John M. Logsdon, 6 books
Lynda Johnston, 3 books
Arthur C. Clarke, 3 books
Giorgio Rizzo, 2 books
Carole Stott, 2 books
Diane Wolfthal, 2 books
Mark Bassin, 2 books
Thierry Paquot, 2 books
David Crouch, 2 books
Colin Ellard, 2 books
Dr. Andrej Poleev, 2 books
Rachel Brooks, 2 books
Nikolaus Fogle, 2 books
Stephan Günzel, 2 books
fluffy, 2 books
Alice Lightner Hopf, 1 book
Ival Rocca, 1 book
Joseph P. Farrell, 1 book
Peter Strohschneider, 1 book
Thea Feldman, 1 book
Hodgson, Shadworth Hollway, 1 book
Davies, Gordon., 1 book
Ian Graham, 1 book


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