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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Luana K. Mitten, 9 books
Tami Johnson, 6 books
Monique Laurendeau, 4 books
Walter C. Gogel, 4 books
Joan U. Levy, 4 books
Ray H. Barsch, 4 books
Colin Ellard, 4 books
David Stea, 4 books
Ernst Mach, 4 books
Christopher Habel, 3 books
Eliot, John, 3 books
Sharon Gordon, 3 books
Jean Piaget, 3 books
Ivo Kohler, 3 books
Sheila Rivera, 3 books
Roger M. Downs, 3 books
G. E. T. Holloway, 3 books
Rik Pinxten, 3 books
Tana Hoban, 3 books
Shirley Ardener, 3 books
Gary L. Allen, 3 books
Marc Augé, 3 books
Susanna Millar, 3 books
Ian P. Howard, 3 books
S. Giedion, 3 books