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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tim Ingold, 5 books
Reginald G. Golledge, 5 books
Colin Ellard, 5 books
Jean Hillier, 4 books
Perry W. Thorndyke, 4 books
Brian Goodey, 4 books
Andrew U. Frank, 4 books
Robert David Sack, 4 books
Sarah E. Goldin, 3 books
Emma Rooksby, 3 books
Yi-fu Tuan, 3 books
Gould, Peter, 3 books
Linda Grekin, 3 books
David Landis Barnhill, 3 books
John Robert Gold, 3 books
Gary Backhaus, 3 books
Douglas Charles David Pocock, 3 books
David Stea, 3 books
Steven Feld, 2 books
Anthony James Veal, 2 books
Tridib Banerjee, 2 books
Riley E. Dunlap, 2 books
Monica Janowski, 2 books
John Elder, 2 books
Roger M. Downs, 2 books


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