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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carolyn Merchant, 20 books
Al Gore, 19 books
David T. Suzuki, 18 books
Vandana Shiva, 13 books
N. N. Moiseev, 13 books
G. Tyler Miller, 13 books
Daniel B. Botkin, 13 books
Murray Bookchin, 13 books
Emilio F. Moran, 13 books
John Robert McNeill, 13 books
Paul R. Ehrlich, 12 books
Leonardo Boff, 12 books
Thomas Mary Berry, 11 books
Tim Ingold, 10 books
Edward Osborne Wilson, 10 books
Barbara Ward, 10 books
Shepard, Paul, 10 books
René J. Dubos, 10 books
Norman Myers, 10 books
Veena Bhasin, 9 books
Bill McKibben, 9 books
Felipe Fernández-Armesto, 9 books
Simmons, I. G., 9 books
A. Terry Rambo, 9 books
Alf Hornborg, 8 books


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